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before I begin to tell you the juicy deets of the new collection and what you could be looking forward to, I just want to tell you that all you'll be getting is a sneak peek.//
I'm gonna keep it super simple and tell you some quick straight forward facts:
Sneak Peek Camo Drop One
-There will be 5 drops
-5 super fresh funky delicious styles
-Genuine Leather and Cowhide - but DAMN THOSE PRINTS! (insert "in-love" emoji)
-And yes, the price tag will be what a hand-stitched, genuine leather, last you a lifetime, unique, only-10-other-handbags-like-it would cost, because after all, you spend a bit of cash on something and thats what you get... a bit of something.
Excited yet?? Keep those eyeballs peeled.
(Also would love some feedback on a preorder vibe? slide into my DM's. Or just email me like a normal person.)
Kisses! XO

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