The CAMO trend and why we've hopped on board

Posted by Jordyn Pollock on

Heavens.... I do love me some good camo print. But the right kind of camo, ya know?
We have recently seen this timeless print on runways ( Yeezy, Palm Angels, Sandy Liang, John Elliot) and are now receiving more versatile ways from the big houses (Haus's?) to wear the print without looking like your crazy uncle Billy before his Thanksgiving huntin' trip or, god forbid, like the Jenners when they stole a poor unknown designer's collection as their own (whoopsy).
Lets go back to basics and see this print with 3 neutral colours that suit most people, most skin tones, most tastes and can carry over seasons. 
oh wait...
that's what we did :) 
Our first drop of our new range is the CAMO DROP. After a lot of back and forth and deliberation of whether to mix the print with a staple brown leather or black leather, the beautiful, classic, black leather took the prize and, DAYUM, it's oh so sweet. 
You may like camo, may not. But as a designer this was the most difficult battle to contend with was what would YOU like and not what would I like, but at the end of the day, &Seek is mine. It is me. So if I have one fan of camo, albeit myself, there is definitely more fans to follow. 
I hope I just won you over.
(Sneak Peek teeny tiny vid of first bag from Camo Drop One

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