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&SEEK Wildlands Luxury Leather Handbag Collection.

When thinking about this collection which is extremely special to me, I needed the exact right person to be the face of the collection.

WILDLANDS is bold, brave, multi-dimensional, diverse and functional. 

It is home to 5 styles ( which, believe-you-me, took bloody ages to actually decide upon ) named Kristi, Gilly, Jordy, Hannah and Kate. These 5 styles will be available in 2 different colour variations or DROPS as I am calling them.


Yep, you guessed it. First colour variation is CAMO. All the "girls" will be available to purchase in LIMITED STOCK (precisely 10 of each has been manufactured to ensure exclusivity).

When I designed this range (all the girls) I had functionality, fashion and empowerment at the foreground of my mind. I wanted a small inclusive range of styles that were broad, would look amazing in all 5 drops and made the wearer feel like a bad-ass, in whatever way that might be.

Now came the task of shooting the campaign and bringing all this hard work and thoroughly thought-out range to life and portraying exactly what the range stood for, what &SEEK stands for and what I stand for as a designer.

Then SHEWOLF came to mind.

Why I chose Hannah (The creative master that is SHEWOLF herself):

I have known Hannah for years, since we were about 10 years old. As girls finding our balance in this world and finding our voices and feet, our friendship went through the usual ups and downs over the years. One thing that didn't change was Hannah's spirit, her energy and her heart.

I have been watching and cheering her on now for years and I just think that what she has made out of her work as a makeup artist and hair stylist and who she has become is just brilliant. She is relatable, beautiful, enthusiastic and you just want to be her best friend with each post she posts on social media. She can be smiley, happy, silly and fun and then suddenly whack you with a sultry, sexy, bold side. 

This was &SEEK to me. It is every friend, every emotion, every side we all feel. It is our alter-ego's, our heroes, our best friends. &SEEK is life, a part of life, or an addition to make it better, bolder, stronger, more free. 

When I contacted Hannah about doing this collaboration of her skillfull make-up work AND using her as the model for this campaign, she was, at first a little hesitant, but very quickly shot that energy out and excitement and was pumped to get going.

I truly hope you find a piece of this in WILDLANDS. The love, the passion, the support and the togetherness that brought this all to life is something I am very proud of. This is just the beginning!





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