Face Masks

&SEEK face masks are not only designed to be extremely comfortable, but fun to wear! Our fabric was hand dyed and hand bleached to create awesome fun patterns and designs. Please note: Regarding our tie-dye and 50% tie-dye masks, the patterning will differ between products as the fabric was dyed by hand. You will receive a variation of the mask shown online as similar as possible.

Each mask has double-layers of fabric ensuring to assist in protection as well as comfort and provide an ease when breathing. We have also added a slip-in section to enable you to slip a third/middle layer, such as a dry wet wipe/gauze/extra fabric, etc, for added protection should you wish to do so. Please note that no evidence has been proven that these third layers provide extra protection, but we have provided you with the option in any case.

It is highly recommended to have a minimum of two face masks available to you as each mask needs to be washed after use and it is wise to have multiple masks on rotation.

Our masks are secured with two elastics, one around the head and the other around the neck to ensure your mask is fitted snugly. This elastic is adjustable ( and remember - elastic stretches over time!).

Please note:

Our masks were designed to help prevent the wearer from touching the face. In doing so, we have designed our masks to be fitted and cover a substantial amount of the wearer's face, most importantly, the nose and mouth.  This mask will only help minimise the spread of the virus as a barrier on your nose and mouth. It will not eliminate the chances of spreading or contracting the disease. It is still vital to regularly wash your hands, not touch your face and respect social distancing guidelines. Please wash your mask after each use.

Masks will be shipped off and received within 2-4 working days.

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