Jewellery Care

&Seek's Jewellery Care Tips

As our beautiful jewels are either made from stainless steel or brass and gold-plated, which we know as costume jewellery will change colour over time with wear and tear, we suggest our seekers take as many precautions to ensure your jewels last as long as they possibly can. 

Precautions as such include:

  • Keeping jewels away from water ( remove when showering, bathing or swimming and even exercising to avoid sweat).
  • Keep away from perfume, cologne or body lotion.
  • Do not clean with liquid dishwasher - in fact we suggest keeping away altogether.
  • Any other harsh chemicals and jewellery cleaner will also shorten the life span of your jewels.
  • Store products in a zip loc bag or air tight container as air can tarnish our beautiful costume jewels too.

Please make sure you are not allergic to steel, brass or gold-plated jewels as we can not be held accountable should any skin irritations occur.

We strongly recommend to clean your products before use with surgical spirits and cleaning your ears/piercing before hand as well.

Please take care of your jewellery. &SEEK will not be held responsible for any jewellery breakage due to negligent care.